📍MuYoo Bakery, Jurong Point📍
💸 Black Sesame Mochi: $2.80
We've had Black Sesame bun and bao before, but Black Sesame Mochi Bun🥯 is a first for us. The bun itself was soft and airy, with lots of black sesame filling inside. We liked that the black sesame filling was moist and not grainy, and not too sweet as well😄! Was concerned at first that the mochi might be hard or too plain tasting, but it was soft and chewy, which provided a nice contrast of textures😌. However, we would've preferred if the mochi was more spread out in the bun as ours was just a blob in the middle, which meant that we only got the mochi bits in the middle. Nonetheless, we liked it! ☺️

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