The interior ShuKuu managed to wonderfully capture the vibe of a dingy japanese bar in a seedy back alley after a long day of work. The jovial festive atmosphere, the old japanese commercials plastered around, the intentionally damaged walls with frayed ropes and chipped paint to give that worn and weathered look, it’s not hard to tell this place was put together by someone who fell in love with the izakaya aesthetic and culture there.

Char Siew Pork Jowl
Extremely tasty though the small portion size makes it a little less value for money than the other menu items

Potato Mentai Rosti
A rather unique fusion take on a classic potato dish, it departs from the traditional western cohesive potato pancake to a looser tudousi-like (chinese shredded potatoes) texture while boasting a smoky and complex flavor combination,

A classic dish done well, not much to say.

Stingray wing
Perhaps my favorite of the bar bites offered by ShuuKuu, each bite packed a smoky, umami-laden punch. While not substantial in the conventional sense, being thin strips of stingray wing, it is an excellent appetizer or drinking companion.