3 munchies: Coated evenly with egg batter and fried to golden brown, there was a thin layer of kaya sandwiched between the toast that gave it a light coconut fragrance. It'd have been a great French Toast if it had a more crisp exterior, though. Do drizzle the honey syrup sparingly because its texture is really thick and was a tad sweet for my liking.

Having been around since 1953, I was informed that this place "created" the original HK-style milk tea using 5 different types of tea leaves. Unfortunately, it lacked the richness and strong tea fragrance I was expecting to savour. It now ranks second from the bottom of my list; worst being Kam Wah Cafe at Mong Kok. While I find the milk tea Tai Hing Roast Restaurant remains unbeatable to-date, do let me know if you have other contenders to recommend below!