Chili Padi’s been in business for a long time, and with absolute screamers like their Ngoh Hiang ($10.80++ per roll), it’s obvious as to how they’ve stayed in the game. Chili Padi’s Ngoh Hiang is probably the best I’ve had in Singapore, so paying more than ten bucks was an easy ask for me. Plus, each roll is an utter behemoth, and each slice is about the same size as the cucumber.⠀

At it’s core, ngoh hiang is simply a mix of minced pork, prawns & water chestnuts wrapped in a beancurd skin and deep fried. However, Chili Padi does it sensationally thanks to the sublimely seasoned mince & prawn mixture. A generous amount of five spice powder provides most of the aromatics & flavours for this roll along with some oyster sauce. ⠀

The texture is also spot on, with the minced pork retaining a nice coarseness to it, while the gargantuan chunks of chopped water chestnuts supply an irresistible crunch to the soft roll. The prawns were chopped up so finely they essentially disappeared, which is a bit of a bummer. Still, that did little to detract from the fact that this Ngoh Hiang was nothing short of scrumptious.

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