Date visited: 19/6/2018 (Tue, 11:30am)

It wasn't too crowded on a weekday before lunch hour. I stayed until 12 plus and the crowd wasn't too bad either. One can still find seating easily at the small outlet with limited seating.

From their list of breakfast bagels, I chose the 'Elvis Presley', a savoury and sweet bagel; bacon, smooth peanut butter and banana spread. For my choice of bagel, I chose a multigrain bagel.

The multigrain bagel is neither hard not squishy. It has a thin, almost shiny crackly crust that is slightly crispy. The bagel is slightly dense/ chewy but still light/ easy to bite through.

I also had the peanut butter shake ($7). It is rich, creamy, peanutty, sweet, and salty all at the same time. Absolutely delicious.

Do order a drink to go with the Elvis Presley bagel as the peanut butter will stick to the roof of your mouth, teeth... lips etc.