(Part 1/5)
- All prices are EXCLUSIVE of 10% service charge
- Will not be rating the price as I have no comparison when it comes to Turkish Cuisine

Lunch Set Menu B ($12++; Ala carte price for Doner Chicken Kebab is $8++)
- Comes with Soup of The Day (Tomato Soup), Salad & Doner Chicken Kebab
Tomato soup had a hint of mint, sour and tangy, not sweet but fragrant; Not your typical tomato soup. Comes with a side of Pide Bread which was very fresh and fragrant (All of their breads are very fresh). Unfortunately, did not try their salad or the donor chicken kebab.

Hummus with Pita bread ($8.90++)
To start, absolutely love their bread like seriously all their breads are good to eat on their own with this one being nicely toasted and crisp on the outside. When you get towards the middle, topped with white sesame seeds, it adds an additional crunch to the bread and greater complexity to the overall flavour profile of the bread. The hummus dip (Typically made with mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt & garlic) complemented the bread very well, adding a creamy texture and earthy flavour to the bread. The overall dish was very natural and a good start to the meal.
Taste: 9/10 (Must-try dish)

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