I have cravings for Muslim Indian food on some late nights after work, and Ariff’s is one that I can head to on the way home home. The air-conditioned restaurant in Kallang Bahru is supposedly open 24 hours every day(? Online searches gave various timings).
I love how their menu is so extensive that I need at least 5 minutes to read through everything before I can decide. I was juggling between kothu prata and murtabak before this paper thosai chicken masala caught my eye, and boy was I in for a treat. I stared at the arm-long thosai for a good 15 seconds before I attacked the crispy thin crust at the sides, dipping the pieces into the thick sambar/dhal. It never cease to amaze me how people manage to achieve such a thin intact layer almost to breaking point. The big portion of the masala chicken is inside the roll, and that’s where the real heat is at. The spice-coated chicken chunks negated the air-conditioning in the room, turning the sweat tap on, though my tongue was enjoying the momentary bursts of flames. This was definitely overly ambitious for a single person - I left probably 40% of the crepe on the plate. Masochistic as this sounds, I am looking forward to getting burned again. #BurppleSGLateNight

This was my fave before i discovered springleaf. They have an outlet in Tampines too