It was a pretty good first visit, and I'm excited to come back and try the noodle dishes which look reaaally good.

Do I have any gripes? Well, the space is a little cramped and it was frustrating trying to get the attention of their wait staff. Be prepared to wait a while for your food too. But the lack of manpower is such a chronic issue for our local F&B scene, these problems don't surprise me anymore. Hence I always manage my expectations whenever I eat out.

I do want to say hats off to Ummi Abdullah, the founder of Noosh and popular nasi ambeng spot Dapur Ummi Abdullah (which I love!), for taking the brave step to set up shop at the Esplanade. Finally we have a nice halal restaurant to dine before catching a show or celebrate a special occasion at the iconic Bay area.

You can have a look at their full menu on
Warning: it's page after page of droolworthy photos!

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