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A new ramen spot by the same people from Konjiki Hototogisu! The two signature bowls are the Truffle Shio ($14.80) and this Porcini Shoyu. We got the latter that came with oyster paste, sauté porcini and button mushrooms, lemon and a slice of cha shu in a shoyu broth.

Cha shu was a little tough and dry, but we liked how the rest of the bowl came together. Tip from the waiter is to try the original broth before the mushrooms then with the oyster paste - this allows you to get a good taste of the distinct flavours before mixing everything in. Noodles had a good bite, though I would appreciate a bigger portion of mushrooms.

Not sure of their official operating hours yet, though dinner was available from 5.30pm while we were there last weekend during the first few days of their opening.

📍Men House Yamamoto
Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-44C