Much like London's famed Cereal Killer bar, Like, Cereals-Ly lets you unleash the kid we all have inside us, with a crazy range of about 50 cereals to choose from (think Reese's Puffs, Fruity Pebbes, Cheerious, Frosties, Honey Stars and more!). At the moment, it shares the same lot as the Republik Awan vape cafe, and is easy to spot with its wall lined with joyful, colourful boxes. Prices range from RM6.90-12.90, and you get to pick two types of cereal, and two toppings of your choice, from Maltesers and Hershey's Kisses to vanilla ice cream and strawberries. Prices differ based on whether you select a local or imported cereal, or a combination of both. Ask the owners a.k.a. Cereal Enthusiasts for their recommendations, and you're likely to be told to add ice cream to any combination. It's good advice. Alternatively, live out those unbelievable childhood dreams of putting together the most insane combination you can think of with no parent looking disapprovingly at you. Open from 3-10pm everyday except Monday, this might be the next spot to try the day after a big night out to nurse that throbbing head. Heck, why wait, cereal for dinner tomorrow?