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Portion slightly on the small side but with eatigo 30% off was still affordable. Siew mai and other dumplings were $6.3 for 3 before discount. The siew mai had lots of prawns inside but the smell of pork was a bit stronger than i would like it to be. Carrot cake was well pan friend but texture a bit too soft. The 3 mushroom dumplings were the best out of all the dim sum. Skin was thin and the taste of truffle was addictive.
Had the smoked tea leaves duck with Dang gui. The meat was tender with the skin partially crispy. A pity that it did not have the dang gui taste and the plum sauce with the duck was too overpowering.
Food is 7/10.
Service 6/10. Did not tell use when food was sold out. Found that some dishes was missing and only knew that it was sold out after we asked them.