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After watching Burppler Jayne Tan’s IG Stories, I made a beeline for this place. That pasta needed to get in my belly!
Simply reading that Chef Kenneth Foong cooks it with a sauce of butter, fresh lemon juice and black pepper had my salivary glands cranked up and my imagination on overdrive, so much so I could almost taste it in my mouth.
So did reality match up? I would say nope.
Made from scratch in-house, those broad ribbons of Pappardelle were cooked to al dente perfection. Slick and silky with the glorious butter sauce, they slipped and slided around in the plate, as though playing with the chunks of snowy-white crab meat. The spark of fresh lemon juice plus the subtle spiciness and fragrance from ground black pepper lifted the richness to a level of luscious delectability that had me squirming in pleasure.
If you have ever eaten the Spanner Crab Spaghetti at Caffe Fernet which is really good, think of this as a version of that on steroids.