My manager doesn’t eat cake, so when she enthusiastically recommended the cakes at Whisk, I had extremely high hopes. It was hard to make a choice, but I decided to go with the Strawberry Shortcake ($6.50).

The cake was very light and more-ish. The cream was great and went well with the strawberries. But since this was pricier than my lunch opposite Whisk, it felt rather expensive. (EDIT: I had lunch at the hawker center, so going from that to a cafe made the cakes feel expensive. But I was talking about it to some friends and I realised that $6.50 for a slice of cake of that size and quality is in-line with other cafes, so it’s not like it’s an exorbitant price)

I also managed to sneak a bite of the cheesecake. The cheesecake is very, very dense and the crust doesn’t have as much flavour as I would like, so this isn’t for me.

Overall, I would be interested in coming here again, since I would like to try the cookies, eclairs, and scones too.