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The spicy Portuguese chicken is part of the rotational menu at BUNDT, where the menu changes on the daily but always features their signature smashed avocado. This topping came with the option of sourdough, tortilla wrap, quinoa or nacho chips. Since I’d tried the tortilla wrap with a different topping before, I decided to go for the sourdough this time.

The amount of avocado on the sourdough is literally double what you’d get in the tortilla wrap. A single order of this results in three slices of sourdough bread heavily laden with smashed avocado, roasted tomatoes, a poached egg and your topping of choice.

There’s no neat way to eat this, so I suggest just biting the bullet and using your hands to grab a piece of sourdough. Beware the poached egg falling off though - thankfully the egg yolk wasn’t too runny so it survived the fall as well as being scooped up with a fork without causing a huge mess.

Whatever they put in their smashed avocado is pure magic, as it’s the right level of creaminess, chunkiness, and never gets too jelak. I love pairing this with a spicy protein for the contrasting flavours from the mellow avocado. The spicy Portuguese chicken was tender, slightly spicy, but I personally felt there was way too much skin to meat ratio for these few chunks of chicken. All these toppings tend to overpower the taste of the sourdough so I couldn’t really appreciate the bread itself, but I liked that there were grains and seeds studded on the crust which added some nuttiness and crunch to the mix. I am in serious love with BUNDT’s avo-toast and am sure I’ll be having more of these from time to time!