Having seen Our Grandfather Story’s Instagram video of this place, it was difficult to not jump on the opportunity of visiting Victor Veggie when passing by the area. Heard some nice things about their Vegetarian Otah, and having tried it myself, this is really worth the mention. More often than not, one would expect vegetarian dishes to bear its own unique flavour and texture that is different from its meaty counterparts — this was on-point however; the fillings comes with a springy bite that one usually associates Otah with, not to mention that punchy rempah that provides all of that flavour with the smokiness from the banana leaves and a slight spiciness that should be manageable for those with moderate tolerance for spiciness. With all the rage over Impossible/Beyond Meat, this is like the grand old dame to them all — and still one that even truly impresses even to this day. Impressed I am!