Translated into English, Nasi Padang literally means Rice Table. The RiceTable attempts to give you the most authentic experience when it comes to Indonesian food, buffet style. For those of you who had Nasi Padang in Indonesia before, you would have experienced the way they serve all the dishes at one go, and how you would be given freedom to choose the dishes you want. At The RiceTable, their all you can eat lunch buffet consists of 15 dishes. They serve you all 15 dishes (+ rice) at once, each bowl consisting of the portion seated at the table. I passed on 2 dishes that we donโ€™t eat, but featured in the photo are 13 dishes:
Javanese chicken soup, Tahu telor, curried tofu, Kang kong belachan, Indonesian fruit salad, chicken satay, otah, Ayam panggang, cucumber achar, beef rendang, curry chicken, sweet & sour fried fish and sayur lodeh.
All the dishes are really authentic and delicious. While their meats can be said to be pretty ordinary, what stands out would be the gravy for most of their dishes. Their gravies are mostly flavourful and adequately spicy. I personally liked the Ayam panggang and chicken satay. The curry chicken, curried tofu and otah were good too. For someone who doesnโ€™t really eat Indonesian food, this buffet is an amazing opportunity to try different dishes all at once. Although it is way more expensive than ordering your usual Nasi Padang in a Coffeeshop, this really gives an alternative experience.. plus, itโ€™s a buffet, so I think itโ€™s pretty affordable. I have to admit that I was almost full after one round of dishes๐Ÿ˜‚ plus, I appreciated how the food dishes were placed on metal warmers, makes the whole experience feel fresher as the food remain warm. Service was not bad, staff were polite and accommodating!