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Fine execution by Executive Chef Li of Fengshui Inn. These seemingly simple mooncakes had custard and white lotus paste that were blended with American ginseng. With just that right amount of ginseng, it lifted the lotus paste with delicate fragrance, akin to how orange peel was used in some food. For some textural contrast, chocolate pearls were added as well.
And I got to know how Chef Li does it: he uses more than five grams of premium quality American ginseng in each mooncake. It was then steamed, sliced and ground into a fine powder before mixing into the white lotus paste and custard.
That crust too, it was more crisp than other baked mooncakes I've tried, as that buttery crust was made of premium Australian butter with custard and milk powder and fresh eggs.
It's a traditional baked mooncake without frills, but some tweak in ingredients and fine execution made this one of the best baked mooncakes I've had in a while.
Pre-order from 22 August to 24 September 2018, through:
📞 6577 6599
📨 [email protected]
🖥️ Website:

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