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Smooth and milky. It was seriously like pure milk ice cream. Not much vanilla taste. VERY MILKY. If you love milk, I recommend this place for you. πŸ„ I quite like this milky soft serve but as usual I was not very happy with the small portion and expensive price. πŸ˜“ Another flavour that we couldn't resist trying was the milky pop. Basically the Milky Way ice cream with Garrets popcorn and caramel sauce. Sweet! Was what this cup of cold goodness was shouting. Those with sweet tooth and high sugar tolerance would love this. The popcorns goes really well with the ice cream!
Next the milky shot. The affogato by Milk Cow. TRY THIS! This flavour can be my next favourite because the bitter and sweet taste blended really well together. Maybe because coffee usually goes well with milk and instead of the usual vanilla ice cream affogato, this pure milk ice cream brings affogato to a whole new level. Yay!
Food: 7/10 Price: 5/10 (RM8.50 - Milky Way; RM 11.50 - Milky Shot and Milky Pop. Honestly the portion sizes are very small for the price. But RM 8.50 for just the ice cream isn't too bad. But for the others it is really overpriced.) Mission verdict: Rank 2/3. Smoother and purer than McD. But just as sweet. The variations adds choices and fun to eating Milkcow. Milky Shot balances the sweetness though.