Dining at Dehesa, meaning "grasslands" in Spanish, is a wonderfully adventurous way to start the year. A strong contender in the nose-to-tail dining scene, this charming, intimate space along North Canal Road helmed by chef Jean-Philippe Patruno (formerly of Bomba Paella Bar and UNA) is perfect for special occasions and new experiences. Dive head first into their Platter of Cold Meats ($32), a generous assortment featuring pig's ears, homemade saussison, Fifi pâté (heart, belly, liver) and more. Prepare for a study in lesser known animal parts that will prove delightful — from the intensely flavourful Crispy Pig's Head ($28) topped with a quivering egg yolk ravioli, to the warm Duck Hearts on Toast ($13) that feel surprisingly familiar and comforting. Don't miss the unbelievably tender Octopus ($28) draped lovingly in sheets of thin-as-air lardo, and balance the whole meal out with tart Cherry Tomatoes ($15) paired with refreshing fennel and creamy burrata. End off, as you must, with the classic Torijas ($14), a dessert of milk-soaked bread brûléed to a crisp, served with plum compote and crème fraîche. Be sure to come by with good friends and open minds, and don't forget to order a bottle of wine.

Pig out soon! Jayne Tan
Yes ma'am Veronica Phua 😉