Bibimbap served in fun tubs that are perfect for shaking, mixing fresh ingredients and flavours together.

Pick a main, 5 sides, base, add-ons (optional) and sauce. Shake it up together with the sauces for maximum flavours and let’s bibim!

My order goes like this:
Main - Soy Citrus Salmon ($12.90)
Sides - Beansprouts, carrot, corn, pickled cucumber and kimchi
Base - Brown Rice (+$1)
Sauce - Soy Garlic Jang

The soy citrus salmon comes in cubes of salmon flavoured with soy sauce and citrus juice then flame seared to give a delicious smokey and creamy melt in your mouth texture. A healthy (<500kcal) meal that’s perfect for dine-in/takeaway and have it on-the-go.