The use of crispy, fried onions gave the dawg a nice crunch, and added fragrance to the dish on the whole. The sausage was super long unlike what i had imagined😅 I loved the thick, buttery buns which had a crisp exterior and soft and fluffy interior.

From 9.30pm onwards daily, you get to enjoy 1-for-1 on selected burgers and dawgs, and since they are open till 12am, it makes the place a really great supper destination. Perhaps because i was unlucky, or we picked the wrong burger bun, but all of us felt that the dawgs fared better. The beef patty was a little dry and had a really raw beefy stench which i wasn't a fan of, and was only made better because of the spam of sauces and other condiments.

If you're too lazy to head down after 9.30pm, you can still make use of your beyond membership to redeem 1-for-1 sets here