Mala Spicy Beef Noodle ($11.50)
Nicknamed (by me) the not so high ses version of Chuan Hung’s beef noodle, @tonguetipbeefnoodles also serves up piping hot bowls of beef noodles deserving of much praise. They have a total of 8 noodle types to choose from with a modest selection of 6 side dishes making it a tad easier to decide what addons to order. I picked the thin noodles as I prefer my carbs to have a less doughy bite. The potato strips side is both cheap ($1.50) and tasted absolutely pleasing with just the right amount of crunch. Contrary to the menu illustration, each bowl of noodles is served with way more beef slices than expected. Lastly, the spicy broth is addictive till the last drop. Not overly peppery with a good kick!