Thought I should post this as the details of my experience are still fresh in my head. Plus, I’m quite pumped because I really went all out to
make sure I got my hands on the Impossible™ Patty Melt...even if that meant I had to make my way back to the city from the west side, in time for their dinner service, AFTER failing to get it during lunchtime. 😶

In all honesty, I don’t think all the components in this sandwich meshed excellently. I admit, I was expecting the beefy-umami taste to grace my tastebuds as the cheese, sliced cucumber and sauce all dovetail and create a fiesta. 😋😍 Well, none of that happened.

Instead, what I got was a lot less complex than expected - the plant-based patty had the flavour identical to that of a sausage patty, even though it possessed the succulence of a regular beef patty. I’ve tasted something similar in a particular brand of meatless burger patty…and it’s something you can find at the supermarket. 🤧 But if there’s any striking difference, it’s that it’s a lot drier in comparison to the Impossible™ patty. In summary, I hate to say it, but its lack of newness costed it its sterling first impression. 🙁 Still though, from a more objective standpoint, it was pretty delicious and satiating!

Be informed that this comes at a whopping $2x2, which may be ridiculously expensive for a darn sandwich, but you know…for the sake of trying it once, I suppose I could close one eye. 😴 (7.2/10)

The Burpple Beyond deals are NOT applicable to the Impossible™ Patty Melt, so prepare to pay full price if you intend to try it. 🤪