This is so ridiculously good yet wallet-friendly it definitely deserves a mention; trying to refrain from using the word "cheap" in order not to make it seem like a budget meal even though it's only $9.90. Originally featuring linguine, but they used spaghetti for mine for they had ran out of linguine. Laced in a mildly garlicky, sweet-savoury sauce that's rather Asian in flavour, it comes with hand-pulled pulled pork; beautifully braised and tender yet without carrying a porky stench and loads of caramalised onions for some sweetness as well as some mushrooms for a little bit of earthiness and some bite. The inclusion of chili padi (which you could specify your preferred spiciness) ups the shiokness for it as it adds that mild spiciness with that raw-ish chili flavour; so so amazing!