Bun cha was pretty satisfying! Rice noodles were the standard sort. The dipping sauce came piping hot in a ceramic bowl, it looked small but it was packed with grilled pork slices (~10 I think? that’s a lot) and 2 meatballs, plus the usual thin slices of carrot and green papaya. The sauce was very umami, sweet and sour and slightly spicy. Grilled pork slices were grilled very nicely, the caramelised flavour was pretty enjoyable. But the lean parts could have been more tender, it’s not dry/tough yet but on its way. Meatballs were not bad, rather hearty and slightly peppery. This came with raw beansprouts, basil, lettuce, and spring onions. I liked the dish and I would come back for this!

Banh xeo was okay - there’s a mix of crisp and tender parts, but the pancake mix had a very strong margarine taste that I’m not a fan of :/ In the filling there’s prawns (nicely prepped!), pork belly (it’s just blanched not grilled, so it’s a little meh and very fatty so I didn’t eat much), sliced onions (briefly cooked so it’s not very soft, has a crunch but not raw), and the most interesting - mung beans. I don’t rmb other banh xeos that I try having mung beans, which gave it a different flavour and texture (a mash of sorts). Serving size is pretty huge, comes with lots of veg, basil, and pickled carrot / radish.