The white chrysanthemum flavour is one of BOP's best-selling flavours! Main body of ice cream focuses on chrysanthemum, which is noticeable but light enough to be enjoyable. Small pieces of chocolate chips are interspersed in each scoop of ice cream, although I think they are a little too hard and it feels bad for your teeth if you ever bite on one.

The pistachio flavour is also one of our favourite, and compared to the pistachio ice cream served at many other ice cream shops, BOP's variant is significantly more nutty, which is something we love.

We always get our ice cream in the thyme cone and not the cup, because we love the smell and taste of herbs in the cone. Do note that it is an extra $1 for the cone though! In total, we paid $10, which is admittedly expensive but certainly worth it if you went all the way down to Jewel for BOP!