Impressed and went back for a second time within two weeks.

Dashi broth ramen is my favourite of all, given how it's rich in flavours yet also milder than the usual tonkotsu broth. We went for the richest of flavour, but they offer you three different variation to it's flavour. Plus, this bowl comes generously with two slabs of torched and tender charsiu, and four smoked duck, all for $17.90. They also have a "delicious water" and unique sauces which we enjoyed.

It also gives an authentic hole in the wall experience with it's cosy 12 seater and having the chefs speaking in low volumes as they prepare the dishes in front of you - you can clearly see how culinary excellence is their focus.

Ps. There's only two outlets. One in kobe, one in SG. We are blessed indeed.