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-10000 for presentation I must say... The illustration had actually showed the dish coming in an actual pineapple (which it obviously didn't) but when it came I almost told the waitress that she was serving the wrong table 😹

But okay, visuals aside, this was actually a super tasty dish! Staying true to their concept of only serving food that is healthy and nutritious, millet is used instead of normal rice. Another thing I realised about the place is that they like to make use of nuts alot in their dishes, not that I mind because the cashews were really yummy. They weren't your typical plain cashews, but had the fragrance of spices.

However, I wasn't a fan of the pineapple chunks in the dish because they tasted like canned pineapples (though I'm not sure because that would seem to be going against their policy of using only fresh ingredients?)

One gripe would be that the portion was very small though, definitely could have used another portion of this, even 🤭