Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

The Cubano was so delicious... Even though I can’t take spicy food, this was still super good. Really hits the spot when you want some comfort food. The beef was also tender and the bread was really crispy.

I love the loaded chips. Might even be better than fries (and I LOVE fries).

Didn’t use Burpple Beyond because we didn’t want to buy the soda. Cuban sodas are quite sweet and we wanted something lighter. We also got the set (drink and soup for $2-3 more). The broccoli cheese soup was also super creamy and AMAZING! It also came with this delicious garlic bread.

The staff member who served us was also really friendly and personable!

I’d be back again for sure! Portions are huge though and I couldn’t finish the Cubano. I’d suggest you share or dapao the mains, because they’re too delicious to waste!