Was tipped off about Mocchi by some friends; the establishment being more of a hole-in-the-wall concept being housed within DD Eatzakaya along Smith Street — while DD Eatzakaya seems to serve up Japanese cuisine, Mocchi is almost seemingly like a separate concept serving up desserts ranging from crepe cakes, entremets, choux puffs to Warabimochi.

Was pretty intrigued by their crepe selection here; whilst only comprising of two flavours (either Cheese or the Matcha; the latter being the one which we had opted for), the crepes are somewhat of a Mille Crepe served in their own distinct style. Rather than featuring layers of crepes stack atop each other, the Crepe Matcha comes with a cream filling in the middle — all that while the crepe on the exterior replicates the layered texture of a Mille Crepe through its multiple folds. The matcha notes come a little muted here, but does carry a slight bitter undertone of the said tea — the cake comes topped with a matcha sphere that helps to enhance those flavours just a little; something almost akin to molecular gastronomy where the sphere explodes with a poke from the fork to reveal liquid matcha within that helps to give a bit of a surprise factor.

While I did enjoy the execution of the Crepe Matcha, the dessert could perhaps do better with a stronger note of the tea — perhaps using a more premium matcha product may help in pushing out those flavours a little more. Otherwise, Mocchi is a pretty decent find along Smith Street, though some other bakes such as the Hazelnut Choux could be improved upon (the pastry was a tad dry and spongy, though was still crisp and well-filled with salted caramel and hazelnut cream within). Somewhere worth trying if within the area.