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I must be honest for a moment – when I first tried their products after they opened up a bake outlet at Djitsun Mall in Bedok, I was sorely disappointed. Their cruffins were hard, too crusty, unnecessarily sugary and dry + flaky on the inside. My love for Brotherbird just waned from there. That was 4 months ago.

Yesterday, I decided to give them a shot again. This was a spontaneous purchase as me and my brother were exploring CT Hub for snack options, and the place we went there for, Deliveroo’s Editons, was closed. 😔 Anyway, they had a pretty nice section of bakes in their current lineup! Yet, of all the flavours, the Taro was the one calling out to me…like…do you guys feel that way with food sometimes?! Because I do, and I am not ashamed to admit that. 😨 Hahaha I digress.

What a turn-around this was! This has very well reignited my love for Brotherbird – chewy, bready,
moist croissant with an exterior of an amazing crispness. And the part that really matters – it’s stuffed with taro filling! 😍 It’s super shiok when I was having this and finally got to the filling because it made for a substantial bite! Happy-inducing is what this was.

You know…I was wondering why I felt like life had been breathed into me today. Now that I think about it, I’m pretty damn sure this was partly the cause of that. 😋 (7.5/10)