The hot stone bibimbap was very delicious! It came with carrots, beansprouts, cucumber, spinach, mushrooms, some korean veg (I rly dk what it is), beef slices and a fried egg. The mushrooms and beef were particularly flavourful, and I liked that there were crisp rice bits at the bottom! It rly retained heat well, and the food was still piping hot towards the end of the meal. The soup of the day was a fish cake leek soup which was quite peppery, and for the sides I chose the beef, seasoned beansprouts, broccoli and lotus root. Didn’t rly like the beef side dish as it was tough; beansprouts were tasty; broccoli was average; my fav was the crunchy and sweet/savoury lotus root. Kimchi was great too! They also give a free drink, I chose hot barley and it was like the typical roasted barley drinks you get at korean restaurants. I was really really full after this meal!

At $12++, this is v good value because the food was really quite delicious and I think the portions are big enough such that 3 pax can share 2 sets. Will definitely be back!