Basically to combine sweet and savoury rice as breakfast at one go is not commonly seen in Singapore breakfast. This is what I grew up with when I was staying in Chinatown and is not an easy dish to master with simply because the heat to control the cooking rice is just tough. Cook too longs ; the rice becomes marshy and too short ; the rice becomes tough n indigestible.

This is 2nd known stall which sells this breakfast where the former stall was known as Chinatown glutinous rice but was discontinued as owner has passed on.

This stall basically sell both savoury n sweet glutinous rice as options or combination. I will recommend the combination as it compliment each other where buying either flavour will be either too oily or too sweet. Basically start with $1 onwards for buying a pack.

Stall is already opened from 6.30am and they do sell the other breakfast well known to singaporean which is 猪肠粉{rice flour noodle} common in local breakfast scene .

Do try it and support this fading food trade as it profit return is not high and requires Long hours of preparation before is gone.

Hi, is this steamed or fried?