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Calling out all lovers of white chai tow kway (carrot cake). Westies would probably say that He Zhong Carrot Cake (02-185) at Bukit Timah Food Centre is one of the best stalls for carrot cake in the West.

Unlike many stalls these days, they still make their own carrot cake in a separate unit. For those that aren’t familiar, carrot cake contains no carrots but only radish. Prices start from $2.50 and servings of $3/4/5 are available.

Waiting times of up to 20 minutes aren’t uncommon during peak hours. When you dig in, you’ll understand why it’s so popular. It’s very unique in its own way. Unlike other stalls, it’s cooked and served in such a way that it resembles a chunky pancake.

Large rectangular blocks of steamed carrot cake are fried with chai poh (preserved radish) and a copious amount of egg batter is added while cooking to hold the blocks together. Blocks of carrot cake are stacked on top of each other before it’s served to you.

So what’s the taste profile like? Crispy on the outside, soft and springy on the inside. Very light and not too oily. A strong eggy and garlicky taste as a result of the amount of eggs and some garlic used in the dish. It hits all the right notes.