Pretty glad to see Pantler having expanded its operations — formerly situated at Telok Ayer, Pantler has recently made its move to River Valley Road into a shophouse unit that is directly opposite Valley Point. Given the move to their new premises, they have also revised their operating hours and is now finally open on Sundays now.

Being one of the new cakes introduced to the menu after the move to River Valley, the Russa is an entremet that features elements such as Blackcurrant, Chestnut Creme Brûlée, Milk Chocolate Cream and Chocolate Sponge. As with the other cakes that Pantler has to offer, the blackcurrant mousse is smooth and luscious, carrying a deep berry-esque note that carries more zing, yet somehow also seemingly luxurious as compared to that of other berries. The Chestnut Creme Brûlée is pretty much an ode to the classic Mont Blanc; that dense, paste-y layer hidden between the blackcurrant mousse provides an earthy note that tries to balance out the zing of the mousse, while the chocolate sponge beneath provides a slight bitter sweetness to replicate flavours similar to a Blackforest Cake when had together with the other elements. That being said, I wasn’t too much of a fan of the chocolate sponge — perhaps something more towards my personal preferences, but I would probably enjoy it better if the chocolate sponge base could be replaced with a chocolate sable that could provide more texture to the entremet instead.

I have loved Pantler ever since discovering them the very first time years ago at Telok Ayer Street — still clearly remembered having their Choux a la Creme (also one of my favourite choux puffs around) and the Pate De Fruits during that visit, and also made revisits for various cakes over the years. Glad to have see them expanding their operations, and really liked the clean look of their new space that is decked in white and even features skylights in one particularly section — a departure from the dark, almost industrial look that made it seem a little mysterious whilst they were at Telok Ayer. With a larger seating area than before and the fact that its open on Sundays now, Pantler is a spot that I will drop by more in time!

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