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NEX branch: 2nd review of @putien_sg . Today i finally complained about the fish soup & qty of bones, ridiculously stingy amount of meat to bones ratio (20/80) for $32.90++? I've been dining here for so long & this being one of my top dishes, i would know how it first was. Good service recovery though but no more meaty fish soups forever 😔 In future, if i want it meaty, will have to order a grouper & request the same soup instead. Fav outlet is still at Kitchener Rd, i feel the quality is a tiny notch higher (heard the head chef is stationed there too)

Rating: 8/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Servers are personable. Know how to handle complains with good service recovery. Food is generally quite safe here. Consistent taste. No MSG. Seemingly healthier. You must try the bee hoon.

Cons: For a chi restaurant, menu is somewhat limited. Price increased but getting stingy with quantity. The small bee hoon had only 4 clams 2 tiny prawns, i counted 😂 Fish soup used to be chunks of meat, little bones; but with each renewed vist, increasingly more bones (the junk kinds like head/spine with little meat). Not everything is worth ordering imo such as: pork ribs, sea cucumber, bean curd soup, fish soup, yam duck, squirrel fish.

Price: S$63.75 - fish soup, fried century egg, bee hoon, soursop juice

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