Matcha + After 8 ($3.60 - 3 Oz in Cup) When they posted on social media about Matcha Flavour on last week for special flavours by Tom's Palette, I decided to drop by the area on last tuesday. Even though it was raining on evening time and didn't bring the umbrella along with me. I managed to buy umbrella from Waston and decided to walk over from bugis junction to shaw towers. I managed having one-third of Matcha left that most of people have been ordering it during day time. Matcha looked quite light texture but a bit of bitter aftertaste. I decided to pick After 8 because I did tasted it before. After 8 quite creamy, milky and strong mint taste for chocolate. It covered up Matcha Flavour for taste so its best for people who want to try both different flavour. I will be keeping a look where I hope that Hojicha will be comeback next year. They will be moving out of Shaw Tower on 31 Mar 2020 so don't missed them if you want to try their variety of ice cream flavour.