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I must have had too many matcha products in my life because the Matcha °3, which is supposedly their most intense-tasting one, only borderline satiated my cravings for the shaded green tea. 😂 But still, even though I’d happily profess my love for green tea in all degrees of intensity, I always set my sights on the more bitter range. Hvala came close to hitting the mark, if I have to be honest.

And also, the Hokkaido Milk was a welcome addition as it can help to neuter or subdue the umami, bitter taste of the Matcha °3. Come to think of it, I think may be a little too overbearing if if you had the Matcha °3 on its own. This means that both flavours made for quite the perfect pairing.

Just take note though – they don’t provide samples for the ice-cream, so you have to be certain of your choices already even without an opportunity for risk aversion. 🤪