I don’t remember the Happy Days burger ($20 nett) existing the last time I paid a visit to @thegoodburgersg, but I’m glad it does now. It’s basically a cheeseburger decked out in barbecue sauce & onion rings, except that it’s essentially a veggie burger.⠀

The real highlight here are those onion rings. Due to the beer batter used, it tastes & smells slightly sweet & doughy, almost like a donut. The batter is sensational, as it is a thin, charmingly crunchy crust that encases the ultra thick ring of sliced onion. The batter is an attractive golden brown, while the onion within is supple & translucent, just starting to lose its natural crunch, which is reinforced by the aforementioned batter.⠀

The BBQ sauce does a fantastic job of disguising the meatless Impossible patty as an average beef patty. It’s probably a store bought sauce, but it does its job excellently. As with all the other Impossible burgers, you must order a double patty stacker if you want to experience full satisfaction. The patties are loose in texture, which means that a single burger is gonna leave you high and dry on the outskirts of Flavortown.⠀

Yes, the double is twenty six dollars, but if you absolutely positively gotta have a veggie burger craving scratched, then this is the way.⠀

Thanks once again for hosting us, @thegoodburgersg & @burpple!