Top of cone: Pandan
'am constantly on the lookout for new flavours that I've yet tried and was rather apprehensive about B.O.P's pandan. As much as I enjoy Pandan chiffon, I'm not sure if 'd enjoy the intense pandan-coconuty flavours in my gelato. It turned out to be the flavour I enjoyed the most out of all 3 that I sampled that day - +White chrysanthemum and Sea salt hojicha. Pandan was refreshingly light (not sure how they did it!) and yet, fragrant. I'd expected an intense, overpowering flavour but was glad that it wasn't the case at all.

Bottom of cone: Sea salt Hojicha
Hms. Hojicha was intense, salt was mild but oddly not the kinda 'light' and 'clean'-tasting sea salt that i prefer. I think it might have been better to have the ice cream peppered with sea-salt rather than having salt incorporated into Hojicha!

In cup: White Chrysanthemum
Previously reviewed and refreshingly light as ever!