I passed by and couldn’t resist stopping to take a look! And then I got swept up and bought a few to try. Minimum purchase is 50g for each pastry, which is around 3-4 of the mini pastries.

The cheese mochi was ok, tasted pretty bland as I was expecting some sweetness but it was instead savoury with no taste other than mild cheese. I wouldn’t get it again. The cheese cake however was good, it was soft in the middle and had a tangy flavour.

Not pictured but I also got the small matsuzo set (yogashi style sweet potato desserts) which included the pote koro, tomari potato and bucella. Not bad but I wouldn’t get it again. It was just sweet potato, I didn’t get hints of anything else or even a little pastry which would’ve went well because I got a bit jelak towards the end of my first few bites.

The sweet potato rolls which looked really good, was also tasted not bad: soft, fluffy, topped with black sesame seeds and when I purchased it it was still slightly warm. But don’t expect significant chunks of sweet potato. The black sesame seeds ended up overpowering the flavour a little bit.