Just a few stalls down from the 2nd Ri Ri Hong stall (facing the MRT), there's this stall selling good ma la xiang guo at the same prices too ($1 for veg, $2 for meats, $3 for seafood)! I got the medium spice and it was quite mild, but I liked the lingering heat and numbness. It wasn't as oily but still fragrant and fried thorough, although I was hoping for more peppercorns and that herb kind of flavour. Another plus, portion's big and there's no queue!

Thanks for the tip my ma la buddy @riinns! We both agree Ri Ri Hong's standard is kinda slipping and inconsistent now, you can give this a try if you're in the area!

📍麻辣香锅居 Ma La Xiang Guo Ju
People's Park Food Centre #01-104