Straight up, this is one of the best waffles and gelato I've had! All the flavours we had were hits and the waffle was chef kiss ✌️

We had 4 flavours of gelato, with the Houjicha Mochi being the best. It was strong, fragrant and yet not too sweet. Loved the roasted tea taste! There wasn't much mochi, but if you find it, it would be a pleasant surprise 😍

The Ca Phe, or Vietnamese Coffee, was straight up rich with a strong coffee kick. Absolutely loved this, as you can taste the condensed milk as well. The Honey Chrysanthemum was also very fragrant with the chrysanthemum flavour not coming out too strong. One of the best renditions of such flavour actually! Rocher was rich with both chocolate and hazelnut flavours.

Now to the star of the show, their Coconut Pandan Waffles. Extremely crispy on the outside, there was this loud crunch as you cut into it. What's even better is that it is amazingly chewy within! This is quite amazing, considering there is no actual mochi inside. Both coconut and pandan flavours were strong too!

Their gelato and waffles can be abit expensive, as 2 double scoop waffles amounted to $38. However, I am still gonna come back to try more flavours!