Lured in by the smell and wow, it was a disappointment on so many levels.

1. Food wasn't fresh - wanted to eat fish but.. It really didn't look very fresh and wasn't in the mood to risk it.

2. Pricing - a standard charge of $2.68/100g which includes your vegetables and noodles. This means 100g of Maggi Mee would cost you $2.68 but if you get rice instead, it will cost you probably $1.

Since the food didn't look very fresh, we gravitated towards the preserved food which was a mistake because they're so heavy.

Guess the total cost for 1 person 🙃

3. Taste: the soup is okay, decent enough.

4. Service: the cashier initially charged me $36 and I looked at her and asked - one bowl for $36? Then she realised she keyed in the weight twice 🤦‍♀️ if I didn't asked then I guess I'll be paying $36 for this bowl of mala tang.

#help #howtolosecustomers

Never coming back.