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This oyster omelette is just the bomb! The oysters taste and feel so fresh 😍 For just $10, we got to enjoy this medium-sized plate. It was served to us fresh from pan, tasted like it was stir fried. The omelette has a generous amount of oysters too. Nice meal overall. Pair it with a bottle of beer 😉

Sesame Banana Fritters, Kaya & Dark Chocolate Fondue ($4.50) from stall Sweet Spot.
Limited edition Rendang Burger ($12.00) from @meatsmith_sg.
Mixed White & Black Carrot Cake ($9)
Salted Egg Chicken Chop
Meatsmith Sausage  $4
Beef Rice Bowl  $7
烤雞翅膀  $4.80
What’s On My Plate, You Ask!?
When at the tourist hotspot that’s Makansutra Gluttons Bay, do not expect the food to be as good as other hawker centres.
When foodies get together, manic feasting ensues!
Launching In Early December 2018: Meatsmith’s Style Of Fusion Food