$12 for this three meat platter is pretty pricey and I probably wouldn’t order it again. This is because I wasn’t a huge fan of the roasted pork, and would rather just the duck and black char siew in my food.
The roasted pork was soft and not crisp, and not that tasty.
The black char siew was really delicious! It had a slight charcoal taste that was not too overpowering, adding a good flavour of char to the meat. It was flavourful and meaty, and I usually like my char siew meaty rather than fatty.
The duck was good as well too. Requested for the meaty part because I don’t like bones in my food😂 at the side they serve a bowl of gravy that goes well with white rice and the duck.
Would come back for the char siew and duck but I must admit that it is indeed pricey for a plate and a place like this.

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