Mee Kia so so, Fish Ball so so....actually for a bowl of what Lau Sim would described as "鸡丝面/Shredded Chicken Noodles" might be slightly misleading. For $4.50 you get a bowl of kid's size Mee Kia, it comes with maybe 10 shreds of miniature chicken meat, 2 fish balls, some minced pork floating in the soup (if you can find them) and 2 fish dumplings (鱼胶). I finished my bowl under 5. Everything except for the fish dumplings were mediocre....nothing to cry for but I must say the fish dumplings does have a certain effect on me even though till now I do not know what to make of this so called "鸡丝面/Shredded Chicken Noodles". Will I come again? Well, yes.... Yumminess: 3/5. Closed Monday, 7.30am till 2pm (do anticipate some internal scuffle) 😬😬