I was actually pretty scared to order malatang as I am afraid that it will be overly oily and thus undrinkable. Since it’s my first time there, I decided to try their tomato soup base instead!

Their ingredients were really fresh and the restaurant interior was very clean as well. Their tomato soup was thick and flavorful. My colleague said that the tomato soup was very thick but I personally wish for it to be thicker! However, the noodles were cooked till too soft as I like my noodles to be springy with a good bite to it.

For this, I did not order their set deal but picked my own items instead. However, I would recommend getting their set deals as they are pretty good!

Overall, the soup was really slurp-worthy and the staff were very friendly too. Because of covid, they will help you with the ingredients and condiments. I’m looking forward to trying their mala soup base next!