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A smart chef once said a birthday celebration should always involve a lobster. Burppler Jayne Tan and I were only to happy to concur. I mean, who were we to turn away this fine looking fella who showed up when we least expected it, posing on his own platform mind you. And clearly dressed to impress.
A “live” one from Maine, he schmoozed us with his taut bod, freshness and a flair for the daring - fearlessly exuding cross-border scents and flavours of Kashmiri chillies with Chinese style fermented black beans, crispy garlic, scallions and coriander. Needless to say, we succumbed to his delicious charms and shamelessly threw ourselves on him with wild abandon. It was quite an orgy.
Thanks again Chef Greg for sending this “Angry” dude our way.