Kream & Kensho has been on my to try list for a long time, seeing it all over social media. It looks so good. Finally went down to try and I was slightly disappointed. We ordered two K&K Milk Tea ($6.50), a Cheeseburger that came with a side of the Kombu Truffle Fries ($20) and the Sakura Ebi Capellini ($18).

K&K Milk Tea - Nice but would not get it again.

Sakura Ebi Capellini - This was nice and maybe the best out of what we ordered, but the portion was small and I honestly don’t think it was worth the price.

Cheeseburger - My friend did not enjoy it; maybe because we really like black tap’s burger🤣

Kombu Truffle Fries - Average nice but would not get it again.

Overall: It is very aesthetically pleasing and it looks delish in pictures. Other than that, taste is average considering that it is quite overpriced in my opinion. Also very overhyped.